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In the last weeks I had much personal stuff to do, but today was reserved for Xu-Fu and was able to catch up with a lot of stuff! The list is longer than usual, hang tight ^^ - - <b>1. Giveaway winner</b> - Sadly Machiavelli never claimed his Cap’n ... continue reading
It turns out that Pantonia already got the little Crackers and was kind enough to pass on, thank you very much for the honesty and friendliness! - - That means I was able to draw a new winner from all submissions, aaaaand the lucky one is: - - <b>Machiavelli#2856 ... continue reading
So many great entries! Way too hard to pick among the cool, cute and piratey pics, so a random roll made the decision for me. And the winners are: - - <b>Franky651 with Captain Nibs - Pantonia with Brightpaw</b> - - Congratulations! - I will message you here ... continue reading

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Reedwand wrote today on: Night Horrors
Clockwork Gnome solo'd with 1,1,1. Destroyed first 2 battle pets by keeping Turret up and metal fist, then when the last pet came in which was a heavy hitter, used repair, swapped in leveling pet high enough to take a hit and then finished it off. :) -
Servv wrote today on: Mar’cuus (Wodny)
This deserves its own place on the Alternatives tab...worked first try with a H/P Gulp Froglet.


wrote today on: Tiffany Nelson (Wodny)
It's worse than my post above. I posted that before finishing the fight with the Spawn of G'nathus and Dancing Water Skimmer. I lost. The Magical Crawdad spends so much time using Renewing Mists and Wish that Rockets Cyclone demolishes the back line pets. Combo from ... [continue reading]


wrote today on: Tiffany Nelson (Wodny)
Doesn't solo. He does well but dies when Rocket is about 2/3 health. Renewing Mists only lasts 3 rounds which limits the crabs damage and Wish has a 5 round cooldown which is too long to keep him alive forever.

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