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In the last weeks, Xu-Fu got a lot of additional help, both from veteran Xu-Fu collaborators and new people. Most of the work has been put into guides and they are definitely worth a shout-out here. - One by one, the page now hosts: - - <b><a href="continue reading
The recent maintenance paved the way for some big changes on Xu-Fu’s Pet Guides. If you joined us on Discord, you will have seen the beginnings of it already. Now it’s time to unveil the big news: Xu-Fu is going to transform from a page dedicated solely to providing ... continue reading
Activity has picked up on Xu-Fu and I’m really excited to introduce you to the latest addition in pet collection tools: The Pet Moocher! Not an April fools joke, it’s a real thing! - Ever wanted to compare your collection to someone else for any duplicate, cageable ... continue reading

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Nvm. My math was totally not right. It's possible for Pounce to crit, though, which could prevent you from using a Devour.
Somehow I came up with 801 damage for Pounce. It makes more sense when math is right. I wasn't sure when I did this fight how the damage for Devour worked, though, either (was it that much damage total, or per round for two rounds) so clarification would be good. - - It is ... [continue reading]
I just tried, and it seems okay now. Rematch is and was up to date... but all I got at the time was the first two pets and a random third, no strat. Maybe it just didn't copy over right.
Unfortunately, some of the fights are simply that way. This one has a lot of team damage, some random (void cyclone) and some not.

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