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In the last weeks I had much personal stuff to do, but today was reserved for Xu-Fu and was able to catch up with a lot of stuff! The list is longer than usual, hang tight ^^ - - <b>1. Giveaway winner</b> - Sadly Machiavelli never claimed his Cap’n ... continue reading
It turns out that Pantonia already got the little Crackers and was kind enough to pass on, thank you very much for the honesty and friendliness! - - That means I was able to draw a new winner from all submissions, aaaaand the lucky one is: - - <b>Machiavelli#2856 ... continue reading
So many great entries! Way too hard to pick among the cool, cute and piratey pics, so a random roll made the decision for me. And the winners are: - - <b>Franky651 with Captain Nibs - Pantonia with Brightpaw</b> - - Congratulations! - I will message you here ... continue reading

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Kurasu#2861 wrote today on: Deviate Flapper
Presently testing a variety of this strategy using Magical Crawdad as the back line pet. Wish to test more before I make it official in the strategy, but for those wondering, changes to technique are so: - - After second pet (or if Axebeak is at low health), swap in Crawdad. ... [continue reading]
Reedwand wrote today on: Skrillix
not sure why but when i used your strat, unborn didnt cast haunt, nor did it die. so when the stitched pup tried to consume it missed. when emerald pet is up, it tried to capture the back line pet! :)
This is very RNG now and the abilities for the Emerald drake doesnt match up either.
Reedwand wrote today on: Dreadwalker
I dont think this strat works anymore
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